Designing artwork for LED screens is much like doing so for any other form of digital display but a few key points should be remembered.

Due to the nature of LED Screens themselves the resolution of the screen is much lower than that of a modern flat screen television.

Consider the physical size of the screen. While the resolution may be lower than you are used to work- ing with, the canvas itself will be quite large. Try to imagine your artwork at this size.

Remember your audience will probably first see the display at a distance so big images and text sizes will deliver greater initial impact than smaller ones.

Use BOLD and STRONG fonts. Font sizes smaller than an Arial at 12pt will not be very legible.

Do use contrasting colours - yellow text on a white background for example won’t stand out and will be hard for your audience to see. White text on a black background will be much more readable as the two colours have a greater contrast difference.

Try to use darker or rich coloured backgrounds instead of very light or white backgrounds unless your branding guidelines require it.

Try not to fill the display with too much information at once, keep messages clean and precise. Think about roadside advertising billboards and how they deliver a message.

If you do need to present a lot of information in one slide such as a list of events happening during the day, try to present the information clearly using good formatting. For example, putting the times of the events in bold text

If working with still images over video don’t be afraid to split your message across two slides. Two slides at 3 seconds each could potentially deliver more of an impact than one slide at 6 seconds if the information is presented efficiently.