With a fleet of trucks and trailers available to hire nationally.



Experience the Big Screen Difference

We offer mobile solutions for outdoor LED large screens.


Features: Show Control System

Leading the industry in live event control.

Our Show Control system is the most powerful, flexible, and proven live event system to date. This technology is backed by a 24/7 trouble-shooting facility should problems arise. Updated regularly, this system’s software is always current and reliable.


Features: 10MSD

  • Minimum viewing distance: 6.99 mtrs
  • Line and column spacing: 10.16 mm
  • Vertical viewing angle: 70 degrees.
  • Horizontal viewing angle 160 degrees


Features: High Def Panels

Our 10ml pitch panels are at the
forefront of LED digital screen


Features: Digital Billboards

The industry’s best-designed
digital billboards. Watch this

10 Reasons

Here’s 10 reasons why you should choose TBSC to showcase your next outdoor event.

1. Transported anywhere throughout NZ

The beauty of our mobile screen is that they can travel most places. As long as there is a solid road to transport on and at then there is no issue with location.

2. 270 degree screen rotation.

The large screen is able to rotate 270 degrees on its turntable. Perfect for disguising the carrying vehicle from the screen itself should that be necessary.

3. The largest mobile screen nationwide.

The large screen measures 9metres x 5metres. The largest in New Zealand to date. This is huge. The clarity and quality of the screen is second to none.

4. Comes with own driver/installer

When hiring the large screen this includes the driver and installer. There’s no need to worry about how you might need to operate this equipment. It’s all done for you.

5. Complete production capability (if required)

In case you are requiring a complete production crew instead of just the screen then TBSC can organise that for you. Please let us know your requirements by filling out our hire form.

6. Portable integrated power system (if required)

Both screens come with generators as a power source should this be necessary for your event. This makes location events possible and hassle free. Let us know your requirements.  There is also the direct plug-in to power source if available.

7. Finer sharper HIGH DEFINITION image

With a 10ml pixel pitch TBSC offers High Definition capability. Not just LED.

8. 24/7 technical support

Our technical team is available 24/7 for any queries or technical advice if required.

9. Ease of setup

Both modules are very easy to erect and setup. The large screen comes with it’s own crew and takes approximately 40 minutes to assemble. The small screen 15 minutes to assemble.

10. Small screen Hireage

This is perfect for a small event. Hire the small screen from us, which includes, it’s own controller and suitable towing vehicle and is the easiest and quickest of our big screen options.

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Reason Image2

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Big screen flexibility

A key feature for our large screen is the flexibility to be able to rotate the screen on it axis 270 degrees.

Compact Portability

The small screen (12 sqm) is easy to tow and takes just 15 minutes to erect from the get-go.


TBSC screens are perfect for sports events.  Portable and flexible the screen can go just about anywhere.


Music productions and shows would not be possible today without the use of large screens.  TBSC screens are so sharp the viewers will be able to view every detail on the stage.